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Slave Tales


Chapter 1 - my Induction

I was on my way to see The Goddess who now, two years later, still has me as her most devoted and submissive Slave, and, as I walked down the road towards her house, I was trembling with a combination of excitement, anticipation, and fear!

This was to be only my second visit - my first had only been made out of curiosity, having stumbled across her website almost by accident - and what a happy accident that has turned out to be! In the interview for that first 90 minute session, I had had to admit to The Goddess that I was a true Novice and didn't really know what I was seeking - I will never forget the smile that lit up her face as she heard this and how her eyes sparkled!!

"Oh, how I love to have a Novice at my mercy! And, as you don't know what you want, I'll enjoy trying out all my best tortures on you until you're quivering and begging for mercy. And when we discover the things you enjoy most, you'll become addicted to me and you won't be able to stay away."

And so it turned out!

Her receptionist had taken me into her dark dungeon, with its black walls lined with implements, mirrors everywhere, and spotlights shining onto two separate benches (I was soon to discover what they were for!) and a strange looking frame in the middle of the room. I was very firmly instructed to undress and go down onto my knees, totally naked, and wait for The Goddess to appear. Having undressed and, with a sense of fear and foreboding beginning to go through me, I walked around the room looking at all the instruments of torture neatly stored on their individual hangers or on a long shelf - I thought I'd seen everything possible on DVD or in magazines but some of these things defied my imagination.

After what seemed like an age, I heard the click-click-click of high heels on the floor outside the dungeon, so immediately fell to my knees. A slight pause and then the door opened. The Goddess stood framed in the doorway, silhouetted with the light shining from behind her - she was a sight to strike fear into anyone in my position. Dressed in tight black leather trousers with a leather zip-fronted top and 4-inch heeled knee-length boots, and her hair pulled tightly back from a stunningly beautiful face, she was a magnificent sight. She had long black leather gloves on and immediately took a long whippy cane from the rack on the wall, which she swished as she walked towards me.

The door was still open so that she could have a good look at me in my nakedness and fear. She walked round me and I felt the tip of the cane run up my spine when she was behind me, which sent excited tingles throughout my body. She still hadn't spoken but went over to shut the door so that we were left with just the narrow spotlights illuminating the room.

She walked back to me and spoke, at last, to tell me how much fun she was going to have with me - and that's when I made my first mistake! I reached out my hands to touch her - to be rewarded with an immediate and very painful slash of the cane across my arm. "You don't move, Slave, until I tell you to - and you never touch me without my permission! If you disobey me or try to touch me again, that little stroke will be the least of your worries and you don't speak unless I ask you a question or give you permission to tell me how much you adore me." I had learnt my first lesson!

But it had excited me too and it showed as I grew hard and erect, which prompted a painful blow on my balls from the riding crop she had just taken from the wall. That made me collapse on the floor in pain. That did no good because The Goddess merely used the opportunity to give me a dozen rapid cuts with the whippy cane on my exposed bottom - and all I could do was lie there and take it. My breath was coming in gasps but I soon realized that they were actually gasps of pleasure as well as pain - I was beginning to enjoy this Domination business!

Having had my first lesson, I was then tied up to her suspension frame in front of a big full-length mirror, with my legs spread wide apart so my 'manhood' was very exposed, and my arms high above my head. She turned the handle on a ratchet and slowly my hands and my arms were stretched upwards until I was on tip-toe and virtually all my weight was being taken on my wrists and shoulders - I knew that I was completely powerless but, at least, I could see in the mirror what was happening. The Goddess walked around me, flicking my skin with her cane so that, as I flinched, it put even greater pressure on my shoulders and then, as she was behind me, I felt her kick my legs from under me and all my weight came onto my arms and I couldn't help crying out with surprise and the shock as my arms felt as if they were about to part company with the rest of my body.

"Oh, you wimpish Slave," she whispered into my ear, "you're in for many more shocks and surprises like that before I'm finished with you this afternoon!" As she said that, she whipped the riding crop up between my legs and I felt an explosion in my balls as it hit them full on, which caused yet another scream.

"Tut, tut," she said, "you really are very sensitive! So I'm going to enjoy torturing you but I'll probably have to gag you to stop the neighbours hearing your screams!"

With that, she stroked me gently but, just as I was beginning to relax, she reached in front of me and grabbed both my nipples between her fingers and twisted them viciously which caused me to scream out loud. "Oh, we have sensitive nipples, do we?" she said, "that's good because I've got just the toys to give you some real pain there."

I watched in the mirror as she walked over to the storage rack and returned carrying an array of things I couldn't see properly. She put them on a shelf by the side of the frame and, standing in front of me with a strange-looking metal implement in her hands, reached down and grabbed my cock and my balls in one hand while she clamped it over me and squeezed it tight, bringing tears to my eyes as it crushed both my balls and my now flaccid cock.

Then she reached over and brought out two vicious-looking clamps with a chain in between, which went straight onto my nipples and, as she tightened them, what had initially been a terrible stinging pain now made me feel as if my chest was on fire - and it was made worse when she attached a long weight to the chain which dragged my nipples down. It swung in front of me and I felt as if the sharp points of the clamps were tearing into my flesh I couldn't decide where the pain was worst - in my balls or my chest - and I could feel myself breaking out in a cold sweat. But at the same time, I was beginning to enjoy the pain and I knew why I had come to have this experience.

The Goddess looked at me and gloated, "yes, I do enjoy my work and I think I now have you just where I want you. So it's time to see if you'll enjoy having the rest of your tender body being given some treatment. Would you like that, my slave?"

I was hardly in a position to refuse! But I did say that I thought some of the pain was becoming intolerable - though I wasn't yet ready to use the 'safe word' to stop her. " I think my brave slave is ready for his next lesson" she said, "let's see how you like to be electrocuted!".

She opened up a box which I'd noticed lying close to the frame and brought out a long wand and something that looked very much like a pizza-cutter. As she connected an electric wire to the wand, she said gently to me; "This is one of my very favourite toys. At low power, it'll give you a gentle tingling feeling but as I turn it up I can make it give you great pulses of electric shock that'll really make you jump! So let's see how you react to it."

I watched in the mirror as she put it close to my leg and a blue spark flew out from it and stung me - like a wasp sting. Then she rubbed it up my leg, across my buttocks and along my back, giving me little shocks as it went. This was actually quite pleasurable and I started to relax. I should have known better because, as soon as she noticed that, she turned up the power and I couldn't stop a scream as the shock made my entire body spasm with pain, so the nipple clamps tightened as the weight swung and my arms had to take the whole weight of my body. She kept touching it to me until I was jerking around like a madman, not knowing what hurt most!

At last, she stopped and a wave of relief passed through me. "I think that's probably enough of that treatment - and it'll have given you just a little taste of the joy that can come from submitting to my will and being my slave. I think you've taken it very well so you can have a little reward." Giving me a gentle kiss on the forehead, she removed the clamps on my nipples and my cock, sensation returned as the blood flooded back into them and it was almost as painful as having the clamps on me.

As she released my bindings from the suspension, I literally fell to the floor with a combination of relief and because my legs just wouldn't hold me up any longer!

"That's a good place for you, my slave," she said, "and, while you're there, lick my boots to show how subservient you are and how much you adore me." This seemed much easier than anything so far, so I willingly obeyed but, as I started to lick up towards her thigh, I received a powerful smack - "I said my boots, my slave, nothing else. You don't deserve any rewards yet, so don't get any fruity ideas with me or you'll really regret it." That told me but the prospect of a reward from this beautiful and undoubtedly sexy Mistress-Goddess gave me hope.

I was led over to the leather-covered whipping bench.
"Now my little slave, I have a couple of other surprises for you. And I hope you'll enjoy both of them half as much as I will!. Kneel here and bend over."

I was then strapped, face down, onto the whipping bench, with my head well below the level of my body so my butt was sticking up in the air. Hands shackled one end, feet the other, with a large strap over my waist, I couldn't move at all. "I want you immobile" she said "because like that I can be really accurate with the stripes I'm going to leave on you when you walk out of here." I felt myself tremble but didn't dare speak.

"As you're only a novice, I'll be gentle, so the stripes won't last more than a day or two. But if I think you're a good Slave and have enjoyed it, I'll give you a really good thrashing the next time!"

At which I felt an incredible sting on my butt as her hand struck me. Wow, I hadn't expected a spank to sting so much! Then a rapid series of them and I could hear the smacking sound with each as my butt stung and then felt as if it was on fire yet again, until I cried out with the pain and The Goddess took pity on me and stopped. I felt limp with the pain and I could feel myself sweating but quite quickly the pain subsided and I was left with a strangely glowing feeling as the endorphins kicked in.

"Well, my Slave" she said "that was quite good for a first time and most novices would have screamed before you did. I think I'm going to have fun training you! Your butt is beautifully pink all over - and just ready for some more treatment."

With that, she started to stroke my butt very gently with her hand and I could feel the pain draining away - but also a feeling that I wanted more. I watched as she walked across to the racks on the wall holding her various toys and took down a large leather strap, a cane, and some form of hood.

"Now, my Slave, as you're warmed up, we're going to try a different kind of game," she said as she put the hood over my head and tied it tight so that there was a gag in my mouth, "That gag will stop anyone hearing your screams and, because you can't see anything, you won't know which I'm using on you or what I'm about to do - which will make it all the more exciting for both of us! And if you're very brave, I'll give you some pain relief at the end"

I can only describe the next few minutes as being of unbelievable pain - but three different kinds of pain depending on whether she was using her hand, the cane, or the strap. By the time she finished, I'd given up counting how many strokes had landed on my poor burning butt and I was completely limp - but as soon as she stopped, I knew that I was going to want more.

"You took that well", she said as she removed the hood. "What order do you think I used the toys on you?" I had no idea but guessed that the strap had given the louder slap, the cane had had a sharper sting as it landed, and I knew the feeling of her hand. "You're right" she said "and which was the most painful?". That I couldn't answer because they all hurt like hell but hell in a different way!

"I think your butt has had enough for a while" she said as she replaced the strap and the cane, "but, as I have you in such a tempting position and your butt looks so beautifully pink, I'll show you one of my favorite ways of showing a slave who's the boss."

With that, she took down a harness and strapped it around her hips before looking along the shelf at her array of dildoes. I knew what was coming and quaked with fear because I'd never been taken like that before. "I love doing this because I can feel the pressure on myself with every thrust I make into you and that turns me on as I prove that I'm totally in control of you - and you're just my little innocuous slave. But I think I'll have to start with a fairly small one and see how you can take it. "

I watched as she slid a condom over the long black dildo poking out from her harness. She leaned forward, rested her hands on my shoulders and dug her long red finger nails into the flesh which made me twitch. As she moved her hips forward she demanded that I open my lips to take her cock into my mouth, it was a thrill to be sucking it and slowly she moved it further into my mouth, and then so deeply towards my throat that I thought I'd gag. When she could see that I enjoyed it, she said: "Well, my tarty little slave, as you enjoy it so much, I think that, one day, I'll get one of my other slaves to come here at the same time as you, so you can suck a real cock and I can enjoy watching you take it until he shoots all his spunk right into your mouth while I fuck your arse."

And with that, she walked behind me. I felt her fingers parting my buttock cheeks and then my hips were pushed hard into the frame of the whipping bench as I felt the dildo pushing hard into my virgin rectum. My muscles resisted and My Goddess thrust harder. "You really are a virgin aren't you" she said with pleasure, "so this is going to be even better for me as I de-flower you! This is certainly going to hurt you more than it will me! But I'm going to make it easier for you."

"Just relax those bum muscles and now you'll have to surrender to me". At which I felt her behind me again and this time I wanted to be taken. She didn't waste any time. I felt a searing pain as she thrust straight into me, hard and fast, but then, as I gasped and my breath came deep and fast, I felt her hands go under my chest and then suddenly my body was on fire again as she squeezed my bruised nipples and I had to cry out and beg her to stop.

"Well, my little Novice slave, you've taken that very well and I'm really impressed with your pain threshold for someone so inexperienced. I think we can have a lot of fun together as I complete your education in the sadistic mysteries and the joy you'll come to feel at taking pain from me and being my slave. But now is the time to finish for today and I just know that you'll be back for more sooner than you think."

With that, she undid my bonds and let me get up to walk around the room. By now my mind was all in turmoil as I realised that not only had I enjoyed being subjected to all that punishment but I knew that I would want more when my poor tender body recovered. And we hadn't even sampled all the types of toys lining the walls of her dungeon!

I had a huge erection and wanted nothing more than to have it played with so that I could cum and release the final bit of tension building inside me. I took it in my hand and looked across, hopefully, at The Goddess.

"Well, my Slave, you seem to have recovered very well and I always like to see my Slaves properly aroused by my treatment," she said. "I can see that you want to have your release and that's fine - I shall enjoy watching you. And one day, if you're a very good slave, I might even help you do it - but not to-day on your first visit. So I think we can have just one more little game Come over here."

She led me to the second, flat leather-covered, bench by the wall with a long mirror alongside it. I was made to lie flat on the bench, my ankles were strapped down, and she tied my left hand above my head. I was almost helpless but I knew why she had left my right hand free! The shape of the bench was such that that my hips were raised up in the air and I could see in the mirror that my erection was standing up proudly like a flag pole.

She walked over to her box of electric tricks and took out what looked like a long silver bullet. As I watched her attach electrodes to it, my face must have shown fear. "Don't worry, my slave, this is going to excite and stimulate you, not hurt you. Because you've been a brave slave, you're now going to have your reward."

With that, she stood close to me, so I could feel the leather of her trousers against my skin as she leaned over and surprised me by licking my right nipple. I could hardly believe the change - tingles of pleasure and excitement went through my body as she moved her mouth from one nipple to the other. My cock was throbbing with desire and I wanted to play with myself but her body was in the way, so I stroked her hair and began to press her mouth more firmly down onto my nipple She pulled back and smiled down at me. "I think you enjoyed that, my slave, so it's something I'll remember for you in future rewards."

"Now for something completely different" she said as she picked up the silver bullet. "This is going to give you the most wonderful stimulation deep inside you and then I'll enjoy watching as you play with yourself until you cum."

She slipped the bullet between my legs and I felt it slide inside me. It felt cold but I liked the feeling. She turned a knob on her control panel and I felt a needle-like tingle going through me, and right up through my cock I started to play with myself. "So you like that too, do you, my slave," she said as she gave me a bit more power and I became even more excited.

She stood back from me and reached up to the zip on her leather top. I watched enthralled as she slid it down to reveal her small lacy black bra uplifting her breasts and giving a beautiful cleavage I gasped with pleasure and desire. More than anything else, I wanted to touch her, to feel her soft flesh, but she was teasing me and wouldn't come close enough for me to touch her.

"Now, my slave, I'll show you what you really want to see". And she undid the front of the bra to reveal the most beautiful round breasts, with erect nipples. "You'd like to suck them, wouldn't you, slave?" She said as she could see me almost drooling with desire.

As she said that and I looked at her beauty, my breath was beginning to come quickly, and I felt the pressure building inside me like a volcano. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back any longer and I felt the spunk beginning to move through my body. As I was beginning to lose control, I saw a smile come over her face as she reached for her control panel and flicked a switch.

Just as the spunk started to shoot out of the tip of my cook, I felt strong pulses of electric shock pass through my body from the butt plug, my body arched with the shock, and I watched in the mirror as the stream of my juices flew out of me in an arc, landing on my chest, and I had the most spectacular orgasmic release - my entire brain seemed to explode! I hadn't felt one like that for years and I collapsed back onto the bench, completely exhausted

Once I had returned to normality and dressed, the Goddess condescended to give me a kiss before I left. "I hope you've enjoyed your little taster session," she said as I reached the front door, "most of my slaves are regulars, so it's been nice to have a Novice at my mercy. And you've been such a good, brave slave that I hope to see you again soon so we can continue your training. Before you come next time - and I know there will be a next time - just let me know which parts you enjoyed most and what you don't want again. And there are plenty of other things we can try!".

As I walked up the street outside, my mind was in turmoil. Yes, the truth was that I had been really turned on by all the different experiences I had enjoyed. The wonderful session had been exciting and made me want more of it, even as my body was still feeling the sting and the burn from the torture. I knew I would be returning. But, right now, my nipples were standing up hard and erect and feeling as if they were also on fire with the bruising and my butt was still stinging. And I'd had the most fabulous orgasm, perhaps next time if I took enough punishment, she might help me.

I slept well that night and when I showered the next morning I could see half a dozen very neat stripes across my buttocks. The Goddess had been right, I felt turned on again just looking at them. So, the inevitable happened. I emailed her that very day to thank her for starting my education into the joys of BDSM and begging for another session the following week.

Now I was on my way to that second session ..............

(TO BE CONTINUED with Chapter 2 - The Slave's Education!)


A page for a slave


Mistress Charlotte. MISTRESS CHARLOTTE!! The very sound of those words makes my heart skip a beat. The most beautiful Mistress in the world; a Goddess who can control and manipulate any man who is fortunate enough to fall under her spell; the Queen of domination, who can be cruel and harsh, but who loves what she does and always ensures that she, and her slave, have a wonderful time during every session.

The other great quality Mistress Charlotte possesses is a fantastic sense of humour, which is always bubbling just below the surface. She can use this as another ‘weapon’ in her armoury of skills to dominate her subject, as I recently discovered. Her wicked mind dreamt up a ‘punishment’ which was the ultimate in cruelty, unique in implementation and hilariously appropriate. As she delivered my torture she laughed out loud at my desperation since she knew that I could fully understand her motivations and, as ever, Mistress Charlotte had easily won!

Mistress Charlotte is both beautiful and sensual. She has a wonderful body – a tribute to her efforts in the gym – and, as previously mentioned, she has a warmth of personality and sense of humour which light up every session. She is dominant and strong but also intuitive and understanding and sees quickly exactly what he lucky ‘victim’ needs and wants.

There has never been an occasion that my Mistress has been other than exquisitely attired. She dresses beautifully and always looks immaculate. Her wardrobe is extensive and every outfit she wears is totally appropriate to the scenario she is involved in. Her detailed dedication to looking at her very best always ensures her slave is captivated every time he is fortunate to be under her control!

Mistress Charlotte has to be the best mistress in the whole country. Strong, sensuous, beautiful, athletic, fun - and most certainly dominant - she has captivated and trained me for ten years. I have never met such a wonderful mistress and will now NEVER contemplate serving any
other. My Mistress has generously allowed me to write this introduction, and she has also very kindly given me space on this site to write a ‘Slave’s Diary’. I will happily enlighten those who would like to discover the greatest Mistress in the world through that particular page, but words are not sufficient to describe the wonder that Mistress Charlotte is in real life. You have been advised – visit this wonderfully unique Mistress; do not miss out!!



The tight leather restraints on my wrists, thighs and ankles, with a thick belt strapping me down firmly onto the bench, ensured movement was impossible. She leant over me, her leather encased breasts brushing my naked back. Her long dark hair fell over my shoulders as she whispered quietly, mesmerizingly in my ear.

‘I will get right inside your head! You will never be able to get me out of your mind. In bed, in the shower, on the train, in the office – you will find me in your thoughts. And every time you think of me you will find a familiar throbbing down below. I will ensnare you!!’

She moved round to the front of the bench and crouched down, bringing her face close to mine. Her wonderful, beaming smile lit up her staggeringly beautiful appearance. I could hardly draw breath with the intense excitement that coursed through my entire being. There could never have been a more stunning and captivating Mistress on the entire planet. I had – oh so quickly! – fallen, happily, under her spell.

I was a relative novice at that time. I had visited other Mistresses often but had always been rather reserved and ‘conservative’ in the activities I was prepared to try. Mistress Charlotte was to change all that. Her intuitive understanding of my desires and her patient, but firmly progressive training was to steadily help me make the progress as her slave to the point we have reached today – where she has given me the enviable task of writing a page on her website, a privilege never previously entrusted to a slave.

As I think back to that first session – the most extraordinary, eye opening hour of unbelievable excitement – I still feel the thrilling surge of desire that washed over me. Strapped to her unique bench, I turned my head to watch as she stood up and walked over to the array of instruments hanging on the darkened wall of her dungeon. Choosing with deliberate care the correct weapons she needed, she turned and – the high heels of her thigh length leather boots clicking on the hard floor – walked slowly, purposely back to position herself behind me. The mirror in front of me reflected her slim, beautifully proportioned figure and her wonderfully erect posture. She exuded both authority and sensuous athleticism. There was also an unquestionable sexuality which was yet another tool for her to use to ensure her slave was totally under her control.

She ran her finger nails slowly over my naked buttocks, raised up by the angle of the spanking bench. The bench slopped downwards from back to front, leaving my head considerably lower than my backside, allowing Mistress Charlotte perfect access for whatever ‘games’ she had in mind. I felt both exposed and expectant and wondered – with huge anticipation – what might occur next.

The fingernails continued their gentle passage over my bottom to be followed by a gentle, highly erotic stroking using the palm of her open hand. My member was fully awake and already straining under my pinioned body. I was in total heaven and I am sure my mouth was drooling!

The first slap, although not particularly hard, was such a contrast and shock that I jumped against my bonds – which did not allow me to move anywhere. Mistress laughed her most enthusiastic laugh. ‘Going somewhere?’ she giggled. The next slap was harder and was quickly followed by a third and a fourth. I was breathing harder, not entirely due to the heat beginning to grow in my backside. I could hardly wait for the next glorious blow to land. ‘I LOVE spanking bottoms SO much’, trilled my Mistress, ‘but I do really prefer the sound and effect of my cane. One day you will be allowed to offer your butt in the air for me to place my signature – written in cane marks – onto it. That day is not today, though, my little novice slave. You are newly in training and we have to take you through the necessary preparation before I can accept you as sufficiently trained to be ready for the full force of my attentions.’

Her hand descended yet again, making a loud slapping sound. She giggled again, clearly enjoying every moment of my discomfort. Five on the right buttock and five on the left meant my bottom was both warm and tingling – but I knew more was to come!

‘In sporting terms’, she grinned, ‘that is called the warm up!’

She moved round to the front of the bench again and stared straight into my eyes. Once again, I was mesmerized.

‘I have always believed that I can produce an even more devastating effect with my spanking hand than I can with my favourite paddle’, she mused. ‘I think this is a very appropriate moment to see if I am correct!’ Her smile seemed even more radiant than previously: I was incredibly aware that she was both in total control and also delighted to be in such a dominant position. I could only guess what was to come next.

Mistress Charlotte leant across the bench, resting her body lightly on my back – exquisite! – and took the paddle in her right hand. She re-assumed her position in front of me and at first gently, but increasingly forceful, began to slap her left hand with the instrument right in front of my eyes.

‘Twelve strokes of the paddle, in two groups of six, with twelve spanks with my hand, also in groups of six, in between the paddle sets. We can then judge which is most effective, judged by your reaction and the impact it has on your bottom. To enable you to concentrate I will count the strokes and you will say “Thank you Mistress” after each blow’.

‘Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress,’ I muttered.

She rose slowly – she always moved deliberately and elegantly – and walked to the side of the bench. She rested the pleasantly cool leather paddle on my bottom and began to run it over my still warm buttocks.

‘One,’ she declared and the circular movement stopped, the paddle raised and, with a loud slap, descended onto my exposed backside. The feeling was extraordinary. It felt as though the entire area which had been struck was on fire. The warmth that had previously been present was replaced by a searing heat which seemed to be steadily growing in intensity. ‘Thank you Mistress,’ I heard myself saying, somewhere in the distance.

‘Two’. The paddle landed again, so accurately that the lower edge of the second stroke was just touching the upper edge of the first. It was very painfully clear that Mistress Charlotte was an expert and that the entire of my backside was going to be exceptionally tender by the time she had finished with me.
‘Thank you Mistress.’

‘Three,’ she announced. This one landed below the first one, again so close that the two blows touched. My bottom was aflame, feeling both raw and throbbing. Strangely, however, the heat and pain were also deliciously exciting and appropriate. It was RIGHT that this beautiful, dominant Goddess should have me completely in her power, and it was correct that, if she wished to inflict pain on my body, so she should. ‘Thank you Mistress.’

Four, five and six were angled across my bottom, and again were so closely grouped that each blow touched the edge of the previous one. They were, of course, landing on top of the three precious strokes, adding to the unbelievable heat and pain. ‘Thank you Mistress,’ I managed to mutter, through clenched teeth as the final blow landed.

‘Very good, slave,’ giggled Mistress Charlotte. ‘For a novice you took those well. What a pretty shade of red your bum has become. Let’s see if we can enhance that further. Six with the hand is the order of the day, I believe!’

‘Thank you Mistress,’ I said quietly, in a slightly wobbly voice.

‘One’. The slap was hard. Harder than those I had received in the ‘warm up’: harder that anything delivered by the paddle. Landing on already bruised and battered flesh, it felt as though someone had put a hot iron on my skin and held it there. I rattled my bonds as the pain flooded over me, but there was no chance of escape – as if I had really wanted escape. The pain that was flooding my whole being was an exquisite joy. I was pleasing my beautiful Mistress and she was showing me the attention that befits a slave. The pain was an extension of our rapidly growing relationship – she in total command, me fully submissive to her desires and ministrations.

‘Thank you Mistress,’ I managed to blurt out.

‘Two’. Again, her hand landed directly above the first the first slap; the third, just below the first. I could not believe her accuracy. Neither could I even begin to imagine where she found such power to put behind each wonderful blow. That athletic physique she so plainly enjoyed was clearly put to a fantastically good use!

Strokes four, five and six were once again delivered across the first three, and enjoyed the same unfailing aim of all the previous strikes. The pain was nearly unbearable, the heat coming from my inflamed and throbbing bottom was intense, and my beautiful Mistress was both enjoying herself and clearly warming to her task.

‘Half way,’ she again giggled. ‘This is SUCH fun. I do love my job!! I have to say, slave, that you do have a very spankable bum. I am going to really enjoy training you!’ She moved to the front of the bench and bestowed on me her radiant smile. It was a smile that would break the resistance of any man who was fortunate enough to see it. He face was bright with elation – she was truly in her element.

‘Here we go again, then,’ she announced. ‘Same drill, but more energy from me! You are going to remember this little hiding for several days, particularly when you sit down!’

I am not sure how I got through the next twelve blows. Each individual strike merely blended with the fire in my backside. Every time paddle or hand landed my entire body twitched in my bonds. There could be no escape: my Mistress was entirely in charge and all I could do was to submit. The heat intensified with every succeeding blow and I was helpless to limit the pain. And yet, through the pain was as intense a pleasure as I had ever known. The thrill of receiving such treatment from a Goddess as beautiful, powerful and dominant as Mistress Charlotte was made the whole experience both staggeringly intense and hugely erotic.

The twelfth blow landed with a resounding slap, right in the middle of my tormented bottom. It was certainly the hardest of the two dozen, and it caused me to writhe in my straps for fully ten seconds. Again the enchanting giggle escaped from my Mistress’ lips. ‘Oh!!’ she said, ‘that one seems to have worked!’

She walked slowly back to her instruments of punishment and hung the paddle back in its proper place. (I was to learn later that each and every piece of equipment in her dungeon had its allocated place and NEVER was placed anywhere else). She then did something which caused sweat to trickle down my forehead. She reached up and took down a long, thin, whippy cane, yellowish in colour and with a curved handle at one end. She returned to the head of the bench and bent down so she was incredibly close to my face.

She flexed the cane in both hands to demonstrate its suppleness. ‘You have done well, slave,’ she said. ‘Which one do you think won? Hand or paddle?’ I know what I think!!’

‘Hand, Mistress. By miles!’ I replied.

‘I agree. One of these days, however, that will count as the ‘warm up’ and we will use various different canes for this fun little game. But you need far more training before we reach that stage. I do think, however, that one little stroke of the cane, on your nicely reddened bum would give you just a little taste of what you can look forward to in the future!’

‘Thank you Mistress,’ were the only words that I could think of saying.

She stood up, moved back to her position towards the rear of the bench, on the left hand side, and rested the cane against my flaming buttocks. She ran in back and forwards across my damaged flesh and gave two or three very gentle taps. The cane was then slowly raised high above her shoulder. I watched this action being played out in the full length mirror in front of me and my body tensed as I waited for the scenario to be finally played out.

There was a whistling sound as the cane came flying down, followed by a noise like a gun shot. My already assaulted bottom jumped upwards as far as my bonds would allow and my whole body was emptied of breath as I gasped in agony. I writhed in my bondage for what seemed like ever as the pain – worse than anything I had known before - washed over me. And then it was done.

She moved to the front of the bench and, taking my head tenderly in her hands, gently kissed me on the forehead. ‘You are a VERY good slave! Well done! You have passed your first test with flying colours and with further training will learn how to be a wonderful, fully active slave for you Mistress!’

She carefully replaced the cane in its place and walked again to the front of the bench. ‘Since you are is such an enticing position, and since you bottom is so red, warm and inviting, I think it might be very appropriate to see how much you will enjoy my strap on! It always gives me SUCH a thrill to feel on end rubbing against my most private place whilst the other end penetrates you as deeply as I desire and you can tolerate.’

She reached up to a shelf by the mirror and took down a mesh harness, with two holes for the legs, a belt to go round the legs and a strategically place hole to fit a dildo. She chose the weapon to insert in this hole, took down some gel and a condom in a packet and pulled the harness onto her perfect legs and hips. Again she looked down at me, grinned that sensational, wicked grin, and said ‘I am having SUCH fun. This is going to be wonderful!’

......................... To be continued in the next edition,



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